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I  Am Blessed To Have Found My Perfect Passion And The Ability To Express This In The Following Four Ways:

My Passion: Headliner
Young Africa VISION-logo on white square

Since my mid-20s I have wanted to make a difference here on Earth by helping youth fulfill their God-given potential. Over the past three decades God has gifted me with an innovative vision on how to enable youth across Africa to build purposeful and productive lives, while becoming a blessing to their families, communities and transforming the continent of Africa as a whole in a truly BEAUTIFUL way, using their own gifts, ideas and talents. I am working with multiple partners to realise the Young Africa VISION, using both different companies, as well as non-profit organisations, to ultimately enable socio-economic development of the Continent of Africa, through its youth, on a massive scale. This is a 30-year Plan, after I have already invested over 30 years of my life to build the foundation to make this vision happen - powered by FAITH in God. Join me in making "Young Africa" happen. It's TRULY EXCITING!

My Passion: Resources
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